Sunday, March 3, 2013

MY First Post

In honor of March being Craft month, I have decided to start a blog about all my crafting projects. As my Title suggest I am an undercover Crafter. Meaning I scrapbook and make crafts whenever time is allowed. Also I believe that everyone has some creativity in them and by following by blog you might be inspired to uncover your craftiness. I am a wife and mother of two teenagers plus I work full time, so I am not planing on posting everyday.

I do have some days lined up for posting, such as Challenge Tuesday. This will be a post of something I have made for challenges on other blogs and I will challenge you to do the same. Saturday's will be Scraps I find Saturday. This will be a post of me trying to put to good use of all my paper and embellishments I have on hand.

Today I have a picture of a bookmark I made for a friend of my mothers. I hope to start taking better pictures.

Thanks for reading, and have a crafty day!

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