Monday, June 30, 2014

Year O Graphy Calendar

As I was going through the Year O Graphy paper pack by Simple Stories I kept seeing calendars and mini books. So I gave in and made just that. First up I made a magnetic wall calendar. I had some sheet metal that my brother mitered the edges. But this project could easily be done on the back of and inexpensive cookie sheet. And I would recommend you use that because it would be easier to hang on the wall. The size I have here is 12 X 18. I covered the front side with heavy duty tape any kind will do (red tape,sookwang)

The lined paper was just right for the base of the calender. Then I cut strips that would cover the rest of the metal. 

I started with the ruler strip first then added the lined paper and to cover the seam I put the phrase strip on top of the two.

Next I put the adhesive tape on the back side of a strip of paper and used my 1/2 in punch to punch out a circle. Peel off the tape and adhere it to a button magnet. Then top it off with a circle number sticker. You will get 1-31 with the sticker page. I did the same processes (but with sheet magnets) for the months of the year and for saying like mothers day.     

Ops I forgot to tell you about the strip of paper with with days of the weeks. The magnets can be moved for each month. I think this would be great for kids to learn the months of the year and days of the week.

And you can keep the leftover magnets on the back. Just a side note the sheet magnets I used was to thin and had a hard time staying on the front of the calendar. I would  recommend you not buy them at wall mart like I did.  And as always this project will be on display at Paper Forest Boutique in Washington Square Washington,IL. So stop by and pick up Simple Stories Year O Graphy for your next project.   

Thank You for reading and have a crafty day!