Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Two Christmas in July with Xyron

Staying with the vintage theme, I decorated an antique spool with some ribbon and burlap. I found this spool at a garage sale for only $1 I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew I could not pass it up. 

First I took the Xyron Photo Mount Tape and placed it on the back of my ribbon. Then I cut the ribbon in three pieces to fit the bottom of the spool.  
Then I tied a bow with burlap and hot glued a fabric flower and a charm onto the bow. What I like about the Xyron adhesive on this project is that it's strong enough to hold everything in place for as long as I need it. But I can take it apart without damaging the antique spool.    

I then added a stick pin with some vintage pearls. My daughter told me it did not look like a Christmas decoration to her, with having a butterfly on it. I told her it was all about the presentation.   

Lauren said this was a little better. 

One last thing. I have to share with you my first craft tool I ever purchased. It was this hot glue gun. It is 22 years old and still works great. Although there are days I wish I had a cool temp gun.

Thank for reading and have a crafty day



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