Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Weekend

I did a lot of work out side this last weekend, and not much scrapping. So I thought I would share with you what I did make.  Last summer I attached some wire planters to my deck. You know the kind with the tightly woven straw that holds in the dirt. Well this is what mine looked like after the birds got-a-hold of it this spring.

 After spending some time on Pinterest I found this site that shows you how to replace your straw or coco mats with burlap. You can find that site Here. Because my wire basket was such an odd shape I couldn't find anything to fit, so this was perfect for me.

 I purchased one yard of burlap at Wall-Mart  for $2.95. This burlap is not a tightly woven burlap, so I decided to line it with the leftover straw. If you don't have this I recommend you line yours with a paper bag so you won't lose dirt when watering.
 This is the end result and it worked out great, I'll have to keep you updated with pictures this summer.

Thanks for reading and have a crafty day :)

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